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Welcome, or rather, benvenuti to Little Sicily.
This site is designed to be a sort of on-line community for those who have origins or special interest in Sicily. There is nothing complicated about it; the site is simply a directory of names and e-mail addresses of mostly Americans and Canadians whose town of origin is in Sicily. The purpose of the site is open lines of communication between those within the directory and you, the reader, who may also be a descendent from the same town of origin as someone on this list. Each name represents a family. Thus, you are free to ask questions about the town of origin as well as share information regarding family history and so on. All of those in the directory have either had family history research conducted in Sicily or have travelled to Sicily or both, thus they can be good sources of information as well as have something in common with you. Afterall, this is Little Sicily, and we all belong to this very special community which really began about 100 years ago when our ancestors were forced to leave their homeland in hopes of a better life for themselves and their children. Some of our ancestors may have been in the same line at Ellis Island waiting to get "processed". Weíve come a long way since then. These same ancestors, who like refugees, arrived at their destination with practically nothing but small personal items, would be proud of the progress we have made.

Anyone who has ever been to Sicily knows that it is actually a beautiful island with much history, art, culture, and natural beauty. The climate is mild. The land is fertile. The cusine is world renown and comes from a long-standing tradition spanning many generations. One thing that Sicily has historically lacked, however, is a strong economy, which ultimately lead to the great exodus of southern Italians during the early 1900ís. Most of our ancestors did not want to leave Sicily, they had to leave Sicily. This site is not so much about where our ancestors settled - many of us already know enough about that; we want to know more about them and about their lives in Sicily. We as direct descendents can now take some time to pay tribute and recognize the efforts and sacrifices they made for us - just a small way to say "thank you", or rather, "grazie".

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This website is a great way to connect with fellow Sicilians and relatives. The site can not replace a real trip to your family's land of origin. Should you be planning to come to Sicily to explore your heritage, you will find a land of great sites, great hospitality, and great wine. You can't help but feel the connection, walking the same streets your family walked. You will find a number of different lodging choices, from hotels, to bed and breakfasts, to timeshares for rent. Chances are you will fall in love with the land. You may even decide to return again and again and look for a timeshare for sale there. You will surely also find new friends and acquaintances though this site, who will be able to give you tips how to get the most out of a trip to Sicily.
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